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Subject / Grade Physics and AP Physics
Room: B101
Phone: (480)424-8039
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"Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility."
-- Elizabeth Cady Stanton

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Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to the fascinating studies of physics and mathematics. I graduated from high school and college here in Arizona, and returned to the Valley in 2014 after living in New Jersey, California, and Virginia. I’m happy to be back home.

My Education and Professional Background

I have a BS in Physics from ASU, a PhD in Physics from Princeton University, and am teaching through Arizona’s teacher-in-residence program. I joined the faculty at Arizona College Prep in 2015. Between completing my PhD and becoming a teacher, I spent two years as a junior researcher on the science team for a small NASA satellite and five years as an analyst at a research and development center in Northern Virginia. I occasionally teach astronomy or physics at MCC and ASU.

My Educational Philosophy

The classroom should be a warm and welcoming environment in which students are actively engaged with the material. My class is structured around letting students take responsibility for their own learning. I provide context and structure, illustrate key concepts, work sample problems, and am a constant resource for the students, but the hard work of learning is theirs. Students should be constantly doing and thinking, which I encourage through discussion, laboratories, guided inquires, and problems that challenge students to apply concepts to novel situations. To foster meaningful interaction with and among students, I treat them with respect and expect them to treat each other with respect. I encourage students to share their understanding of the material during class and use these informal interactions to tailor my teaching to both individuals and the full class.

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