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Elite Performance Academy

Student Drop-off and Pick-up

General Procedures


When visiting the campus and when dropping off or picking your child up from school, please follow these guidelines (refer to diagram below). PLEASE NOTE, ALL TRAFFIC MUST ENTER THE CHURCH PROPERTY FROM GERMANN NOT ALMA SCHOOL. Please monitor your speed when driving on church property.


Parking in the East Parking Lot


  1. If parking in the parking lot, do not park your car within the perimeter of the basketball court or in the spaces north or east of the basketball court;
  2. Students who elect to have their parents park their car in the parking must utilize the crosswalk when walking to or from the campus;
  3. When exiting the parking lot, please exit south of the crosswalk in order to avoid student traffic and other vehicles.


Utilizing the Student Drop-off/Pick-up Zone


  1. The student drop off/pick up zone is located curbside by the east stairwell;
  2. Vehicles must drive around the perimeter of the parking lot in a counter-clockwise manner to the drop-off/pick-up zone;
  3. While waiting for your child, do not park your car south of the crosswalk along the curb;
  4. Once your student has been dropped-off or picked-up, please exit the area;
  5. At the end of the school day, an EPA staff member will assist with traffic.


General Guidelines (per contractual agreement with Chandler Christian Church)


  1. No EPA traffic is permitted on the north, south or west side of the property;
  2. No students may be dropped off or vehicles parked in the west parking lot;
  3. Vehicles should not exceed 20 mph on church property.