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Position: Science & Math - 5th Grade
Room: 24
Phone: (480) 812-6254
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Welcome to Mr. Flores’s 5th grade Math and Science! All my students this year will grow academically in math and science with many fun and challenging learning experiences so they can gain a deeper understanding of their content. Both science and math will be guided to encourage critical thinking, how to solve problems creatively, how to work cooperatively, and how to use technology effectively.

My Education and Professional Background

I earned my B.A in Elementary Education- University of Phoenix and have been teaching since 2014 at the elementary level. I am PLTW Launch Lead Teacher certified and with my past experience in business technology, I apply current techniques and education in technology to my students to help prepare them for the future.

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is to make my classroom a highly educational, safe and positive learning environment where diverse learning styles can be met. I find that the best way for a student to perform is with positive reinforcement and being responsible for all they do at school. The teacher-child-parent team will be important for a successful school year, so I look forward to our continuous communication throughout the year.

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