• History of RGB
    Rudy G. Bologna 

    Rudy was an elementary school teacher in the Chandler Unified School District for 30 years. After retirement, he continued to substitute teach throughout our district. What sets Rudy apart from many and makes him an outstanding choice for this honor is that his students were truly his children. To Rudy, every child was precious and had great potential. He helped every child he came in contact with feel good about themselves and their value. Rudy was very much a part of the Hartford community. It is a very unique community in that it has families that are two and three generations old. It is a relatively stable area, unlike other areas in our community that are growing by leaps and bounds. 

    During his teaching career at Hartford Elementary, Rudy tutored Chandler athletes as well as Arizona State University football players. He did this for many years and never missed a home game at either school. Rudy took students to ASU and CHS games on the weekends, giving them many opportunities that they would not have otherwise. He was fluent in five languages, traveled all over the world, and housed ASU students from time to time. He used these experiences in his classroom, always making learning fun by incorporating games/activities in his lessons. 

    Rudy never married but, when his brother-in-law passed away, he told his sister that he would help her raise his niece, Taffy, and nephew, Davey. He moved in with them in Tucson and then they moved to Chandler to begin his teaching career with CUSD at Winn Elementary where he stayed until retirement. 


    Donna Wallace

    Board Member, Chandler Unified School District

    January 21, 1998