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Position: Mandarin 1, 2 ,3H, 4 AP
Room: A10 / A11
Phone: (480) 424-8100
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Welcome to Mandarin Chinese! I am pleased to be teaching Mandarin Chinese at ACP Erie and Casteel High. 欢迎!

My Education and Professional Background

I completed my undergraduate degree in Spanish Education from the University of South Carolina. My master’s is in World Languages with an emphasis in Mandarin Education from the University of Utah. In studying languages, I have had the opportunity to study abroad in China, Taiwan and Spain.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that every student can learn Mandarin Chinese. Learning how to learn and study Mandarin is an important part of the process. Learning does require effort, but can and should be enjoyable and rewarding. Learning should also be meaningful, relating to students’ experiences and interests. I find it rewarding to see student progress over the course of the year, from being unable to write any Chinese to writing entire essays in a new language!

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