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"No intelligence of ability will unfold until, or unless, it is given the appropriate model environment."
-- Eric Jensen

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Welcome to Andersen Junior High School and explore the fun of learning Chinese.

My Education and Professional Background

I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and hold a Master of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chinese Literature. I received both degrees at National Taiwan University, where I was a member of the Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society. My thesis was on the Etymological and Semantic studies of the Chinese language. I have been studying various aspects of the Chinese language for many years, including semantics and pronunciation, history, literature, philosophy, and culture. . I have experience teaching Chinese in a variety of environments and receive highly positive student feedback. I am very open-minded to new technology, strategies, and resources. Furthermore, I frequently attend faculty meetings and Chinese language teaching conferences to keep my teaching techniques up-to-date. I am glad to join Chandler Unified School District to teach Mandarin Chinese and I am sure students will love learning Mandarin Chinese with me.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe learning is fun, and everyone should be provided with the opportunity to learn. I also believe that learning is spending effort and feeling good about trying.

The Choice is Yours!  Why Choose AJHS?

Andersen Junior High School is a prestigious and warm school. I love the staff and students here.

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