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Position: Digital Photography, Writer's Workshop
Room: 302
Phone: (480) 883-5535
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Thank you for being a member of our learning community. Whether you are in Digital Photography or Writer's Workshop, you will be challenged to acquire new knowledge, hone your skills, and interact with many people. You will read, write, and think. You will be a different person when you leave than you were when you arrive. Be ready to accept the challenge.

My Education and Professional Background

I earned a BSE in English and French from the University of Central Missouri in 1976. In 1983 I completed an MA in English Education from the University of Missouri at Kansas City. I am a graduate of the Greater Kansas City Writing Project. Prior to coming to Chandler, I I taught high school English, directed the writing program, developed a dual enrollment course, An original Bogle staff member since 1991, I have taught language arts, French, reading, journalism, and enrichment skills.

My Educational Philosophy

Each learner brings unique gifts to the classroom. It is the job of the classroom teacher to provide multiple opportunities for students to discover their gifts and use them both now and in the future. Learning specific facts is less important than learning how to access information and use it to meet needs and solve problems. The best learning comes from experience. I cannot make anyone learn, but I can create an environment where learners can become inquisitive, self-directed, thoughtful, and educated people.

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