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Position: 4-6 Self-Contained Program
Room: K-3
Phone: 480-812-7363
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Welcome to my bio page. I am happy to have joined the Sanborn Elementary ADPTS program in the 2015-2016 school year and look forward to fostering each child’s special abilities in which they attain. Thank you for visiting the CUSD website and finding your way to my page.

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated in 2013 from Northern Arizona University with a dual bachelor’s degree in Special and Elementary Education. I have been serving the special education community for over 7 years and my professional background lies in ABA therapy. ABA therapy is a research based therapy method specifically designed for children diagnosed with Autism and is surrounded with positive behavioral supports. With this as my background, I bring a plethora of outside knowledge to the public education system in which I am working.

My Educational Philosophy

My educational philosophy is to foster the independence and put in the supports for each child to become successful. I believe by providing children with the supports they needs, any child will be able to become successful in the right environment. I also believing in fostering self-advocacy and personal awareness so that they will be able to utilize their gifts and talents in their own special way. I believe in maintaining drive and focus within my learning environment through building a classroom climate of respect, team building, trust, and unique styles. Through activating intrinsic motivation, I believe that each child will be able to become the best versions of themselves that they choose to become.

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