• Social Services Department

    The mission of Social Services is to provide services to students, families and school personnel to promote and support our students’ health and social/emotional success.   We help our students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to become lifelong learners, responsible citizens, and strive to strengthen their relationships within the home, the school and the community.  

    Karen Stevenson

    Karen Stevenson - School Nurse

    Hello! My name is Karen Stevenson and I am the School Nurse at CHS.  As an RN for 20 years, I understand that students function their best when they are healthy.  In the Health Office we provide medical care and support for students living with chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, alongside providing symptomatic care for every day to make sure students are able to function at their optimal level in class.  For other medical needs our office is open from 7am – 3pm.  Should your student require other medical attention please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Phone - 480-812-7702

    Email - Stevenson.Karen@cusd80.com

    Janice Hobbs

    Janice Hobbs - Mental Health Counselor

    Hello, my name is Janice Hobbs and I am the Mental Health Counselor at CHS.  As a licensed clinician for over 20 years, I provide social, emotional, behavioral, and crisis management support.   I use a multitude of treatment and assessment modalities.  My goal is to ensure academic success by creating and supporting healthy relationships for students.  Please let me know how I can support your student.

    Pnone - 480-812-7730

    Email - Hobbs.Janice@cusd80.com

    Sheila Minder

    Sheila Minder - Intervention Specialist

    My name is Sheila Minder, or better known as Ms. Sheila. This is my first year at Chandler High School as the School Intervention Assistant (Truancy). I have been in the Chandler Unified School District for 13 years working with high school students. I’m very excited with the opportunity to get to know my new family, and I’m looking forward to a wonderful school year! Students’ attendance is a crucial part of the educational process at Chandler High and it is imperative to maintain an open communication throughout the year to make sure that we work together to keep our students on an encouraging path to be successful with their attendance.

    My Education and Professional Background

    I currently have a Master’s in Education as a Counselor, which I received from American Public University, based in Charleston, West Virginia. I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree from Northwestern State of Louisiana. As I continue investing in the lives of students, I am continually looking to learn, grow, and to educate myself in order to provide students with the best tools possible to use on not only their outlook on life, but also their future endeavors in hopes they will be successful and active in their education environment.

    My Educational Philosophy

    As the School Intervention Assistant at Chandler High, I will provide educational interventions along with monitoring our at-risk students. I will be collaborating with attendance administration personnel, counselors, teachers, CHS social workers, CHS resource officer and CHS administration. I believe that implementing the CHS learning process by establishing clear attendance expectations, consistent consequences, along with a positive environment of fun and learning will instill in our students a positive feel towards studies and class activities, which will in turn reduce absenteeism.