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AAUW Scholarship – SE Valley Branch Local

The American Association of University Women was founded in 1881 by 17 like-minded women who defied society’s standards by earning college degrees. The founding members envisioned an organization in which women college graduates could band together to open doors of higher education to other women. Today, the AAUW is comprised of more than 100,000 throughout the country whose mission is to advance equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.
Al Howell Track and Field Scholarship

Al Howell was the head track and field coach for Chandler High School from 1963 through 1973. He served Chandler High School as its Director of Athletics from 1965 to 1975. From 1976 to 1988 he was the District Director of Athletics for the Chandler Unified School District. This scholarship is being established to recognize Al Howell’s memory as the head track and field coach at Chandler and his years as the Director of Athletics for Chandler High School and the Chandler School District.
Andersen Elementary PTO Scholarship

Established by Andersen Elementary’s PTO. Consideration will be given to students who were enrolled at Andersen Elementary for a minimum of two academic years and who perform at least 10 hours of community service at Andersen Elementary.
Ashley Lauren Mitchell Scholarship

Imagine seeing someone so dedicated and talented that it inspired you to pursue your dreams; this someone is just he person that Ashley Lauren Mitchell was. This scholarship was established in honor of her memory and to reward others who exhibit her same drive to be the best of the best.
Basha High Faculty Scholarship

Established in 2011 by Basha Faculty Members to honor students at Basha High School.
Bogle Family Scholarship

Established by friends and family of Jackson and Barbara Bogle, financial awards are made on the basis of academic achievement and honors, leadership qualities, extra-curricular activities and community service. Six (6) $1,000 awards are given to one male and one female student from each school.
Brett Bramsen Memorial Scholarship

Established by family in memory of Brett Bramsen, an outstanding scholar and leader both in the classroom and on the baseball field at Chandler High School. The recipient will be a senior on the Chandler High School varsity baseball team who best exhibits the qualities of leadership, commitment and work ethic as a student as well as an athlete.
Brian D. Pinney Memorial Scholarship

The Brian D. Pinney Memorial Scholarship was established for Chandler High students in his honor. Brian was a great conservationist and a successful entrepreneur. He was a generous man and believed that being kind, fair, and helping people would always result in positive outcomes. He was on multiple advisory committees, including Arizona Game & Fish, Heritage Fund, Arizona Anglers United, Ducks and Quail Unlimited, and Wildlife Conservation Council, to name a few.
Cathy McCabe Memorial Scholarship

Established by family, friends and co-workers of Cathy L. McCabe. Cathy Lynn McCabe was a teacher, artist and principal of Knox Elementary School.
CEF Board of Directors Leadership Award

This award recognizes leadership qualities in a student.
CEF Board of Directors Service Award

This award recognizes a student’s commitment to community service.
Chandler Compadres Scholarship

The Chandler Compadres Scholarship is open to any CUSD AVID graduate starting their college career at any Maricopa Community College Campus. This scholarship is renewable for four years for a total award of $4,000 per student. Applicants must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and have financial need.
Cliff and Loveta Hearn Scholarship

Established by the family of Cliff and Loveta Hearn. The Hearns were longtime residents of Chandler. They valued education and believed in giving back to the community. This award gives the recipient full tuition each year for four years.
CTA Freedom Scholarship

Established in 2012 by the CTA Freedom Elementary Site Council and supported by the CTA Freedom PTO.
CTA Humphrey PTO Scholarship

Established by the Humphrey Elementary PTO and Student Council.
CTA Liberty Scholarship

Established by the CTA Liberty Elementary Site Council and supported by the CTA Liberty PTO.
CUSD Governing Board Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded to a Chandler high school student who has faced some sort of adversity during their high school years, be it financial, health or other challenge and has persevered to complete their secondary education.
Dan Neville Memorial Scholarship

Established in honor of Daniel Neville, husband of Lorah Neville, the former Director of Instruction for CUSD. He himself was an instructor for the Kyrene School District and together they have improved the lives of those around them.
Dr. Howard K. Conley Scholarship

The Dr. Howard K. Conley Scholarship was started June, 1996 upon my retirement from the school district. A reception was given in my honor and attendees were made aware of the scholarship and it was funded by family, friends and associates. It has been supported the last 20 years through the generosity of close friends who see the added value to a Chandler graduate. Sincerely, Howard Conley
Dr. Paul Ritz Scholarship

The Dr. Paul Ritz Leadership Scholarship was established in honor of Dr. Paul Ritz who served as Principal of Frye Elementary for 20 years. Dr. Ritz was a true leader, positive role model, and advocate for all the students that came through the doors. The scholarship is awarded to a student who attended Frye Elementary and is taking the next step in bettering themselves through education. In honor of him, the staff and students of Frye Elementary continue to support and encourage students.
Fulton Elementary PTO and Student Council Scholarship

Established in 2014, with the support of the Fulton Elementary PTO and Student Council.
Haley Knutsen Memorial Scholarship

Established by the family and friends of Haley Knutsen. Haley was a wonderful child who battled leukemia for eight years. She was a good daughter, friend and sister to all who knew her. She possessed character beyond her years, in the caring she showed for others. Haley will remain in our hearts forever.
Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary School

This scholarship scholarship has been created to honor Sylvia Encinas, long-time volunteer, beloved community member, and dedicated employee of our school. It has been funded with the support of the Hartford Elementary PTO and Student Council, as well as through fundraising efforts on the part of teachers and students.
Herbert Family Scholarship

All six Herbert children were raised in CUSD schools, with at least one sibling graduating from each of the four Chandler high schools.
James T. Perry Scholarship

Established in 1991 to honor the retiring superintendent of Chandler Unified School District.
Jon Poston Memorial Scholarship

Jon Poston was a consummate communications professional, with high ethical standards and knack for the written work. Jon believed deeply in the value of education and the importance of offering help to anyone willing to work for their dreams. He’d be happy to think that through this scholarship, a future reporter will learn to keep politicians on their toes and the Fourth Estate alive and kicking.
Kent Michael Drake Scholarship

Kent attended Chandler schools throughout his life, graduating from Chandler High School in 1992. He enjoyed sports of all kinds, participating at various stages of his life in soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and golf. This scholarship was created for young men or women to fulfill dreams similar to his to work with and help to educate young people and to encourage them to participate in and enjoy athletics as much as he did.
Krystal Philippi Scholarship

Established by the family Krystal Philippi. Krystal has demonstrated extraordinary courage and inspirational behavior in overcoming serious debilitating physical disabilities during and after her years as Chandler High school student. The award will be made to a college bound senior who has overcome a difficult and serious physical disability or ailment.
Larry and Kay Lyman Scholarship

Established by the families of Larry and Kay Lyman to honor their years of service with the Chandler Unified School District. Through their active involvement with Chandler High School students, they wanted to assist at least one student from CHS each year to fulfill their college dreams!
Lillian Landis Memorial Scholarship

Established by friends and family of Lillian Landis, a longtime Chandler resident. She was a single parent who strongly believed in family values and education. This award is made on the basis of a student who has succeeded in spite of obstacles and difficulties, and an essay on “My goals in life and why additional education is necessary to achieve them. Why a college education at (specify school) will make a difference in my life”.
Marc Rosenbaum Ross Scholarship of Excellence

Established by family and friends of Marc Rosenbaum Ross, Ph.D. Historian and educator for over 40 years in High School and College settings. Dr. Ross valued education and loved sharing his passion for history with those of all ages.
Marilyn Emanuel Memorial Scholarship

Established by friends and relatives of Marilyn Emanuel, a long time Chandler resident and elementary school teacher at Knox.
Mark “Drew” Gordon Memorial Scholarship

The Mark “Drew” Gordon Scholarship is awarded annually to a graduating senior who has been a member of the Chandler High School Swim and Dive program for a minimum of one year, with at least one year of participation being in his or her senior year. The scholarship is awarded to a swimmer or diver who has demonstrated outstanding personal and/or athletic growth due to his or her participation in the Chandler High Swim and Dive program.
Maud Perry Daly Memorial Scholarship

Established by family and former students of Maud Perry Daly in appreciation for the impact she made on the lives of so many grateful CHS students. She was a longtime Chandler resident, a dedicated teacher at CHS for 21 years, and Chairman of the English Committee after receiving her MA in 1943.
Merlin R. Hamilton Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor Merlin "Tug" Hamilton, a third generation Chandler native and lifelong farmer whose family owned and managed the land where Hamilton High School sits today. The scholarship supports a graduating senior pursuing an advanced degree in an agriculture-related area of study. The scholarship celebrates the Hamilton legacy and ensures the family's agricultural roots remain forever connected to the high school that bears the Hamilton name.
Michael Desper Scholarship

Established by friends and family to recognize and honor Michael Desper. Michael was a woman’s athletic coach and educator in the Chandler School District. The scholarship was created to promote female athletes to enter the education field and coaching.
Moyer Scholarship – AZ Classic Jazz Society

The Arizona Classic Jazz Society was established in 1987 and part of their mission is to “support the artist and seek to inform, educate, and entertain both listeners and dancers and involve persons of all ages, with a special emphasis on youth.” It is important to support the preservation of live music. For more information about our organization, go to www.azclassicjazz.org.
Neil Patel Memorial Scholarship

Neil Ramesh Patel was a proud, first generation American born son of Asian Indian immigrants. As CS Lewis believed, “hardships prepare ordinary people for extraordinary destiny” – Neil’s family would like to ensure part of his legacy is helping a young student fulfill such destiny. Therefore, the goal of this award is to grant scholarship funding to a first-generation U.S. student who will be pursuing studies in finance, accounting, and/or business.
Norman Saba Memorial Scholarship

Mr. Norman Saba had a love for farming, watermelons being one of his favorite. The family of Norman Saba wanted to give others a chance to pursue their dreams in the agricultural field.
Paul Charles Gaiser Memorial Scholarship

Established by family and friends in memory of Paul Gaiser, a committed educator of students at Chandler High School for 36 years. Patron saint of “the student in the middle”, Paul felt everyone should have the same opportunity to achieve.
Perry High Faculty and Staff Scholarship

Established to honor Perry High School faculty and staff members who have had an important and positive impact on the lives of their students.
Perry PPO Scholarship Fund

Established in 2010 by the Perry Puma organization to honor the students of Perry High School.
Rudy G. Bologna Retired Educators Scholarship

Established in 2014 in honor of retired educators from 2013 – 2014.
Santan Elementary Michael and Phyllis ODell Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2014 by the Santan Elementary PTO to honor Michael & Phyllis O’Dell. The O’Dells have been volunteers and PTO board members for over nine years. This scholarship is dedicated to their service and dedication to supporting the students of Santan Elementary.
Saunders Montague Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established by the Chandler Men of Action in 2013.
Sherry Nance Bourget Memorial Scholarship

Established in memory of Sherry Nance Bourget who was a loving mother and friend. She had a passion for learning all her life. She also was dedicated to helping others and this did not stop when she became ill. This scholarship has been set up in her memory with the following criteria: pursuit of a field of study involving counseling, with special attention for those who are focused on drug and alcohol counseling.
Solera Ladies Club Scholarship

Established by members of the Solera Ladies Club to provide financial assistance to four (4) qualified female seniors attending each of the Chandler public high schools who wish to pursue higher education at an accredited college, university, community college or vocational school.
Stephanie Hettmansperger Scholarship

As a 4th grade teacher for 33 years, Stephanie effectively prepared her students for future success. We hope that the scholarship recipient will use the money wisely by getting a college degree and making a significant contribution to his or her family, community, and society. We hope the recipient will provide the leadership to make this world a better place for everyone to live.
Sue Vant Hof Physical Education Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2013 by the friends and family of Sue Vant Hof. Sue was a well-loved physical education teacher who made going to PE a favorite part of her students’ day. Her ability to inspire and challenge them to be physically fit and life-long contributing members of society are legacies this scholarship is meant to perpetuate.
Sylvia Encinas Scholarship

This scholarship was established to honor Sylvia Encinas who served as a volunteer and an employee of Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary for over 25 years. The recipient of this scholarship should have been involved in the Hartford community and should represent the values of Sylvia through their service, their volunteerism and through their compassion for others.
Ted and Carolyn Raper Roberts Scholarship

Established by Ted and Caroline Raper-Roberts who as teachers, enjoy helping students
Vena Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Established by friends of Vena Thomas who was a kindergarten teacher for CUSD for 27 years at Denver Elementary (now San Marcos).
Victor M. Cooper Scholarship Award

This scholarship was established by the Chandler Men of Action in 2013.
Victoria Valdes Cantrell Memorial Scholarship

Established by Carla Cantrell in 2013 in memory of her mother, Victoria Valdes Cantrell.
Virginia E. Cardenas Memorial Scholarship

Virginia Cardenas always remembered her Mexican roots and spent her career working with recent immigrants, first at Chandler High and later at Arizona State University as the eighth grade adviser in the Hispanic Mother Daughter Program. This scholarship is meant to continue her passion and dedication to higher education as a pathway for future success for Hispanic students.
Walter Cantrell Memorial Scholarship

Established by Carla Cantrell in 2013 in memory of her father, Walter Cantrell.
William Stanton Scholarship

Established to honor retired elementary school teacher William Stanton, who taught at Knox Elementary from 1981 to 2005.
Willis Jr. High PTO Scholarship

Established by Willis Junior High's PTO.