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Position: Special Education/ multi-grades
Room: C23
Phone: (480) 424-8573
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Hello! My name is Mrs. Lisa Fink. I am thrilled to be a part of the Rice Elementary family. My family and I moved from Virginia in 2016 where we resided for 7 years. I spent the beginning of my life and career in Pennsylvania where I went to school, started a family and enjoyed Penn State Football games, LOL. We absolutely love it here in Arizona, and now my entire family lives here! We love being outdoors hiking, paddle boarding, and skiing.

My Education and Professional Background

I have taught Special Education for my entire career. I feel very privileged to have experienced education at all levels of schooling. It gives me the unique perspective of where students start their educational careers and what it takes as they continue to move to their last years’ in school. I earned my Elementary Education degree from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania and continued to earn my Special Education degree from Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania. Social/Emotional learning is my passion. I enjoy strengthening a child’s social/emotional learning because it directly impacts their academic learning. Building relationships is a powerful technique that creates a strong bond for learning. I believe each child can learn and grow, but needs a structured, nurturing environment with emotional connections to flourish.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that each child learns by being provided a safe, nurturing and structured environment. I, also, believe each child learns through different modalities. As a teacher, I believe teaching using different modalities (hands-on, auditory, interpersonal, visual, etc.) is a way I can reach more students. Keeping my students engaged and excited about learning is one of the priorities I love about my job. If they are engaged and excited, they are open to learning and growing. I am passionate about my job, my students and our academic and social/emotional growth.

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