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Position: English Language Arts Teacher
Room: 513
Phone: (480) 812-7839
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My Education and Professional Background

My collegiate journey began at Mesa Community College, where I earned two Associate's degrees; from there, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Ottawa University with my sights set on second grade! In 2004, fate placed me in 8th grade English, and it became a new passion. After my first year teaching, I enrolled in Northern Arizona University; by 2007, I graduated with a Master of Arts in Education with Honors, specializing in Bilingual and Multicultural Education. Throughout the years, I have enjoyed teaching English in 7th through 12th grades, as well as working with English Language Learners, and teaching in programs to build proficiency in Language Arts and Study Skills. Currently, I am over halfway through a doctoral degree in pastoral counseling, and look forward to continue working with youth and families in building strong relationships.

My Educational Philosophy

All students have inherent abilities and talents! Education involves commitment from everyone: It is my sincere goal to teach in the most proficient manner possible to help students reach success in Language Arts throughout high school and beyond. In return, students should choose a positive attitude, actively participate, seek help if needed, and put forth effort. Choosing positivity and always doing your best goes a long way!

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