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Position: First
Room: 18
Phone: (480)883-4048
Email: Staley

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Hello! My name is Chelsea Staley and I am thrilled to be part of the First Grade Team at Bologna Elementary. I am looking forward to working with you and your child during this exciting first grade year! Please contact me with any questions.

My Education and Professional Background

I received my degree in Elementary Education from Middle Tennessee State University and my Master's Degree in Education from Cumberland University in TN. I began teaching First Grade in 2011 and I have taught in Tennessee, Tempe, AZ, and now in CUSD.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe in creating a positive, supportive, and engaging learning environment for my students. All students are capable of learning and making progress, and it is my goal to help all of my students reach their potential. I believe in creating a classroom community where students work together as a team. We celebrate successes and learn from our mistakes. It is important to me that my students develop a love for learning that will positively benefit their lives for years to come.

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