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Subject / Grade Science and Social Studies / Grade 6
Room: 31
Phone: (480) 883-4200 x 4261
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"A strong person stands up for himself, but a stronger person stands up for someone else."
-- Anonymous

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Welcome to the exciting and wonderful world of Science exploration and Social Studies discovery. We will travel from the beginning of time learning about many different places and cultures around the world, and their contributions to the society in the world which we live today. Join me in learning about the many mysteries of our time, as well as, creating answers as the great thinkers of tomorrow, 'You!'

My Education and Professional Background

I have accomplished 16 productive years in the field of education. I am very proud to say that I have taught all the grades from 1-6, and have extensive experience with grades 6-8. This allowed me the opportunity to learn the progressive development of a child, both academically, as well as socially. . Prior to becoming an educator, I spent 4 years in the legal field. Currently, I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Government and Politics, a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, and a second Master's Degree in Educational Administration.

My Educational Philosophy

My Philosophy on Education is that all students can learn. Three factors determine the development and success of a student during these formative years. First, the teacher and the learning environment. The teacher must establish that they assume different roles in the class. The reason for this is in order to meet all student needs. Students are simply a microcosm of society as a whole. Diversity is a very important consideration. Therefore, a teacher must create a safe learning environment, establish boundaries, and maintain consistency in their interactions with students. Second, the learning environment must provide equal opportunities for participation, and in a variety of ways. All students must be valued, and there should exist a forum for them to be heard. Third, is that fact that students always put forth their best effort when they know that their teacher cares for them and learning. Mutual respect kindness.

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