Sponsor: Ms. Phyllis Carr

    HHS Political Activism (or P.A.) was created with the purpose of providing a medium through which Hamilton students could freely express their political viewpoints. In addition, the club strives to provide our members with a voice regarding the various issues of today and tomorrow.


    With these goals in mind, P.A. will provide members with the opportunity to:


    * Engage in positive political discourse regarding current events that affect local, national, and global issues, such as:


    o Economics

    o Ethics

    o Environment

    o Gun Control

    o Education

    o Military

    o Social Issues

    o Foreign Policy


    * Participate in organized debates between the individual parties of the club.


    * Take advantage of volunteer opportunities through participation in local political campaigns and movements (through elected officials).


    * Meet with local and national politicians for discussions and unique learning experiences.



    HHS Political Activism meetings are held every Monday in the cafeteria after school. We look forward to seeing you there!