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Position: Social Studies - Grades 7, 8 and 9
Room: A 17
Phone: (480)424-8100
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Welcome to Ms. Goodman's wonderful world of history. For parents and students:Updates, power points, assignments and other resources for this class will be updated weekly on this page. I am excited to have you in class.

My Education and Professional Background

I attended ASU and earned my degree in secondary education, with a focus in history. I studied special education for two years earning experience in the classroom and teaching in specialized schools.

My Educational Philosophy

My philosphy starts with a safe classroom. If students feel safe and welcome in thier enviroment they will be able to openly disscuss, take risks and be okay with failure.The second part of this philosphy depends on my understanding of how my students learn and thier goals for the future. My studens must understand and explore where they are going to make what to understand the hard work they are doing is all worth it. The last part of my philosophy is knowing that I am a small piece of the puzzle in the ultimate success of the student. Each guardian,councelor,coach and friend will have a major role in how the student success. It is a team effort to push the student forward and this will make all of the difference.

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