• Elite Performance Academy Enrollment (Concurrent with EPA)


    Steps to enroll with Chandler Online Academy 

    1. Review the Concurrent Enrollment description, requirements, and policies on the "Part-Time/Concurrent Online Enrollment" page on our website to be sure the student will be able to meet all program progress and attendance requirements.
    2. Click the link at the bottom of this page to complete the application for concurrent enrollment.  Students applying for concurrent enrollment will be required to provide the name of their school counselor, proof of residency documentation, and the IFEES form to our office.  COA must receive these documents and verify concurrent enrollment approval with the counselor before concurrent enrollment will be complete. Submit all required documents. Scan or Email:  Chavez.Vanessa@cusd80.com

    3. Check email daily to look for the Welcome Email that will contain the link and username/password to log in to the online classroom. The day you receive this email is the official first day of your online course session. ALL COURSES WILL HAVE A START DATE of the Tuesday after the enrollment is received.

    4. You must log in within 2 days of receiving the Welcome Email and begin submitting all assignments according to the due dates on the Due Soon List.  Log in and start learning!

    5. Find the "Target End Date" to the right of each online course under "My Courses" upon logging in for the first time so you know when the course must be completed.  Watch for assignments as they become due and appear on the "Due Soon List" on the left side of the screen and monitor your grade and progress on the "Grades" page for each class.  You must submit all assignments when they are due and complete all assignments and assessments AND YOUR FINAL EXAM by the "Target End Date."  See the "Part-Time/Concurrent Online Enrollment" page for more information on schedules for Concurrent Enrollment.

    Click to Enroll Concurrent:  EPA ENROLL CONCURRENT Form must be completed using Google Chrome