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Subject / Grade Honors Biology and Human Biology
Room: A 104
Phone: (480)424-8000
Email: Nath
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count"
-- Winston Churchill

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I looking forward to everyday of creative fun and learning for my honors and human biology classes. Honors biology will be able to get a very strong foundation for college level biology whereas Human Biology students will be able to learn the basic anatomy and Physiology of humans and compare and contrast it with other vertebrates and invertebrates.

My Education and Professional Background

I was born and brought up 100 miles away from the wettest place on earth " Mausynram. in Cherrapunji", India. I am the eldest of three siblings and graduated with a MS in Zoology with Distinction. I moved to the US after I got married to my loving husband and now have a 12 year old creative daughter and a 10 year old energetic son. I just completed my second M.S degree from ASU, working on Honey bee developmental genetics. I am a part of the ASU honey bee lab and also the Butterfly Wonderland.

My Educational Philosophy

I strongly believe in hands on learning and creativity. The more the students are involved in the process of learning, the more they remember and hence learn from their environment better. Also, it’s not enough to learn the tools and trades of today but to be able to critically analyze and come up with innovative ideas to solve a problem for the future. So thinking outside the box and making students uncomfortable is a good place to be in the learning process.

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