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Position: AP American History, American/AZ History 11
Room: J116
Phone: (480) 424-8100
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Welcome Colts! I am excited to start another year with you: I'm certain it will be an amazing adventure together. Personally, I am married to another educator and we have an amazing family together. I love to read, Pinterest (!), and hike. I have proven family ties to a passenger on the Mayflower (as do 35 million others!) and my research shows he was the first person put to death in the New World for being what Socrates would call a "gadfly." (John Billington) So there's that!

My Education and Professional Background

I consider myself a life long learner. I have college degrees from CGCC, ASU, and NAU: I hold certificates in gifted education and endorsements in ELL. I have completed all administrative coursework as well. I have taken classes in person and online from universities around the country post Masters. Students typically find my certificate from Clown School my most intriguing diploma though! I have taught every grade from 7-12 and almost every subject in our department since 1995.

My Educational Philosophy

My job in the classroom is threefold. First, I am a CURATOR. History is abundant and I certainly don't know everything nor do I expect my students to know every detail. Instead, I search and present the artifacts and details that bring to life the daily objective in the most focused way. Second, I am the COACH of the classroom. Every student is an individual but we are in class together; as the coach, my job is to take the strengths and talents of the individual and build them so that together we are strong. (I'll be honest, for this one I really want to say I'm the CAPTAIN, solely on that chance that one day my students will hop on their seats and exclaim "Oh Captain, my Captain.") Finally, I am each students biggest CHEERLEADER. What we do is important, and it can be hard. We all need to be reminded that we are doing it, and we need acknowledgement when we do it well.

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