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Subject / Grade American Sign Language
Room: F 201
Phone: (480) 224-2263
Email: Neff
"A different language is a different vision of life."
-- Federico Fellini

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I am hard of hearing and fell in love with American Sign Language when I first saw it at age 18. It is my honor to introduce students to the visual world of Deaf people. My hobbies include reading, quilting, and hiking.

My Education and Professional Background

One Year Child Care Diploma CVTC, AA Educational Interpreting Technician NTC, BA English Linguistics UWEC, MA English UWEC I have twenty+ years of teaching experience and am nationally certified interpreter and transliterator with twenty years in that field as well.

My Educational Philosophy

Each of us is a unique and valued member of our community. Especially when we are voices off in our classroom, work together so that no student is left behind. We work hard and play hard in our classroom. We respect each other and appreciate (if not embrace) our differences. We practice Deaf Culture which is collective and inclusive in nature for optimum success for all.

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