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Position: Technology Teacher
Room: Lab
Phone: (480) 883-4805
Email: Maki

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Welcome to computers! Technology is changing constantly and we don't have time to lose so buckle up...it's going to be quite a ride!

My Education and Professional Background

I hold an Associate of Arts in Computer Art and Animation from the Art Institute of Phoenix. I continued my education and completed a Bachelor Degree in Business Marketing and a Master's Degree in Elementary Education both from University of Phoenix. I have been teaching with computers and technology since 2008.

My Educational Philosophy

No matter what situation you are in there is something to be learned from everything. There are always going to be things that seem boring or don't interest us, however, giving up is the only way one can fail. Students' role is to take on the responsibility to learn in all circumstances. A teacher's job is to provide the opportunity and the environment for that to happen. Both the teacher and the student together make education successful. It's like making a banana and Nutella sandwich, you need both ingredients to make it the most amazing masterpiece. It's not so great if all you had was the banana.

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