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Position: Math Teacher - Geometry
Room: Lab A / A24
Phone: (480) 424-8100
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I'm Mrs. Judie York and I have been teaching since 1994, taking breaks to raise our family. I live with my husband Jeff and our daughter Suzie. We have twin sons Chris and Kyle (Casteel alumni). We have an older daughter Haley, son-in-law Sean, and adorable grandson Blaise. I love movies, sports, animals, chocolate, Diet Coke, classic rock, and going on adventures with our family.

My Education and Professional Background

My Educational Philosophy

Sometimes, teaching math can be like selling something no one wants to buy! On the other end of the spectrum, you have kids that love math and just can’t get enough. My ultimate goal is to meet students where they are in their math learning and help them GROW. And grow in confidence as well as skill! I also believe that any high school class should be a class in life – how to behave as a responsible, respectful citizen. My former students will tell you I am an old-school stickler for manners, especially appropriate language. And they will (hopefully!) tell you that I would move Heaven and earth to help them meet their goals.

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