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Position: English/10
Room: A50
Phone: (480)424-8180
Email: Frechette

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I’ve been a Casteel Colt since 2017, and I now have enough Colt gear to clothe a small army! Go Colts! You’ll find me in my classroom, creating wacky complicated projects for my students or out on the field cheering them to victory in their various sports. Whenever possible, my three kids join me- they love all things Casteel.

My Education and Professional Background

I’m almost an Arizona native, having moved from Wisconsin when I was 2. I graduated from Dobson in 2001, ASU in 2004 (BS Political Science), and the London School of Economics (MSc Social Policy Research) in 2007. I returned to school in 2015 to get my teaching certificate through Rio Salado’s Teacher in Residence program. I taught in Tempe Union for two years before switching to Chandler in 2017.

My Educational Philosophy

The most important thing children can gain from their years in school is the ability to critically engage with the world around them. By the time they graduate, students should be able to think clearly and logically. They should be able to participate in public discourse, form opinions based on credible sources, and effectively communicate those opinions with society. English class is such an important place to develop these crucial life skills. I believe all students should be heard. I believe all students have something unique to contribute to my classroom and the world. I am so excited to foster creative, respectful, engaging discourse throughout the course of 10th Grade English!

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