• Welcome to Technology! 

    Technology Class Mission: 

    The mission of the Technology Lab at Shumway Leadership Academy is to cultivate responsible digital citizens capable of transferring technology "knowns" to unknown technology tools and utilizing technology knowledge in technology class, other classes and at home.

    Content taught in technology class are based on the ISTE Standards.  

    Classroom Management:

     We have been using a student-voted behavior guide (consequences) in technology class. Each class has their own set of consequences as determined by that class' vote. This is one way technology embraces student voice.

    We follow a self-leadership guide as follows:

    1) I am a problem solver.

    2) I am respectful.

    3) I am responsible.

    Each homeroom class voted on 3 consequences for choices which do not reflect appropriate self-leadership. Some of these consequences are reflected on their homeroom teacher's Class Dojo. Please email Mrs. Limjoco if you have any questions on our class management in technology. 

    Technology classes have regular procedures and routines, most of which are attached to songs and jingles. Ask your student to sing you his or her favorite one! 

     Support Technology Skills at Home

    Families can support technology skills by asking students what they are learning in class! They can log in to Clever to show you their progress in Learning.com and Code.org. We also learn new vocabulary each rotation! 

    For help logging in, please contact Mrs. Limjoco.

    Please contact your homeroom teacher for student log in credentials. 

    STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) Rotation


    We are continuing our STEM focus on campus. Soon, classes will be invited to participate in co-taught STEM lessons in our brand new STEM Lab! 

    Parents/Guardians, we are looking for volunteers to help us organize and manage our STEM Lab resources. Please email Mrs. Limjoco if you are able to regularly help out. We appreciate your time and willingness to help our Shumway Stars have a wonderful STEM program.