Royal Reminds 

    If you have yet to sign up for your class Royal Reminds please do so at your earliest convenience. These reminds will help keep you up-to-date with the happenings around the Realm.


    Royal Reminds Sign Up Directions
    To sign up on your phone:

    1.Open a new text message and enter 81010 in the address bar.
    2. Type in the code that relates to your class in the message field.

    Class of 2020 class code = @ACP2020
    Class of 2021 class code = @ACP2021
    Class of 2022 class code = @ACP2022
    Class of 2023 class code = @ACP2023

    3.Respond to the text you receive with appropriate information.

    4.That’s it!

    To sign up on email: Type in the web address for your class and follow the instructions to sign up.

    Class of 2020 - rmd.at/acp2020
    Class of 2021 - rmd.at/acp2021
    Clas sof 2022 - rmd.at/acp2022
    Class of 2023 - rmd.at/acp2023

    *You will receive a message from both Mrs. Michaelson and Mrs. Dalton confirming your enrollment.