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My name is Nancy Dobbins and I am thrilled to teach music at your child’s school! I travel to 4 schools and there is another music teacher that stays at your child’s school. I have been teaching over 25 years and this is my 4th year teaching music. Music has been part of my life ever since age three in schools, churches, and in the community. I grew up in a musical family and played clarinet 10 years. Later I learned guitar, piano, keyboard and soprano recorder.

My Education and Professional Background

I have associate, bachelor's and master's degrees from Christ for the Nations Institute, the University of Arizona, and Grand Canyon University respectively. I am also Kodaly certified and Orff-certified with level 1 for both. I frequently attend Kodaly and Orff Saturday workshops to meet new colleagues and benefit from wonderful instructors!

My Educational Philosophy

I believe learning should be fun, active and hands-on. That's why we do many movements with solfege, hand-clapping songs, and folk dances. We also sing, play instruments, create music, work in groups, and do active listening, I also like to intertwine other subjects like reading, history, geography, and science. I believe a good music program develops confidence and poise. I also believe it should develop creativity, good character, good teamwork, and great musicianship skills!

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