Navarrete Robotics Clubs

  • Hello and welcome to our Robotics Club website! My name is Mrs. Maki and I teach computer classes to all our amazing Nighthawks. I have two young boys and we love to build with Legos at home. We have also done coding with robots from both Apple and Lego as well as our school's own Ozobots. In addition I teach students coding in the fall each year even in Kindergarten! When I heard there was a desire to have a robotics club at Navarrete I couldn't contain my excitement! I spent time researching and speaking to other schools clubs and coaches, including our Jr. High robotics clubs, and decided on two different clubs. You will find the links and details for each club to the left. We are starting late in the year and for now we plan to keep our club in house, meaning we won't travel to any outside competitions. However, my hopes and dreams for our future clubs are to take a team to both The First Lego League and the VEX IQ competitions and compete. I hope you will join us this January in our first STEM robotics clubs. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any concerns or questions.


    Mrs. Darbi Maki

    EdTech Navarrete