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Subject / Grade English 9-12
Room: 103
Phone: 480-224-3060
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"Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest."
-- Mark Twain

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Welcome to my classes! My hope is that because of what you learn here you will become adept at reading and writing. Or at least better than you are presently.

My Education and Professional Background

I was a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Navy (hooyah!) who left the service to work as a news reporter for both radio and print---that is until I was bitten by the teaching bug eight years ago. Drury University and Missouri State University

My Educational Philosophy

I believe a critical step in achieving success in this world is through our communication skills. Though not everyone hopes to be the next Shakespeare, most of us do hope to be the best we can be, no matter what field or industry we choose. By improving our ability to read, write, and speak, we are empowering ourselves by proving to the world that we are up to the task.

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