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Subject / Grade Dance 9-12
Room: CCA Dance Room
Phone: 480.812.7989
Email: Buren
"I'm Glad I Did a ......."
-- A dance without meaning has false starts and stops.....Doris Humphrey

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Hello, and welcome to Chandler High School! My name is Kathie Buren and I teach Modazz, Advanced, Improvisation, Intermediate Dance and Beginning Dance. I look forward to working with your son/daughter as we explore the world of dance!

My Education and Professional Background

I have taught at Chandler High School since October of 1991. I enjoy working with students and providing an environment for them to feel safe in their exploration of dance. My philosophy encourages all students the opportunity to choreograph, perform, and learn the backstage jobs needed for concert performances. I feel the process is important as it provides the students the time for building relationships, learning, self-evaluation, and peer critique to occur. Our dance department produces four different dance concerts per school year. The upper level classes, Modazz, Advanced, Improvisation will perform on the CCA Main stage and the Beginning and Intermediate Dance will perform on the CCA Bogle Little Theatre. (See calendar for dates and times.)

My Educational Philosophy

All students can be held to rigorous standards.

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