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Position: Social Studies
Room: 100
Phone: (480) 883-4627
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Welcome to my teacher page! I am excited to be part of the Santan Junior High School team and part of your educational journey. Social Studies (history, economics, civics, government) have always been one of my greatest passions. We live in turbulent times, but as my students will find out, as a country we have lived through incredibly turbulent and difficult times. With all of these challenges we have always come out stronger, and you are part of that story.

My Education and Professional Background

B.S. in Management Systems, Arizona State University
M.B.A. in International Business, Western International University

My Educational Philosophy

History can be taught through many methodologies, but the one that I have felt is the most effective is through storytelling. U.S. history is an incredibly complex story with many facets that can be broken down into their own stories. Upon hearing these stories, we will analyze and develop a comprehensive understanding of what happened and how it relates to what is happening today. Civics and economics will be explored through real-life scenarios that can be applied directly to your life.

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