• Hello everyone,

    A few notes about Distance Learning.

    We will be using Google Classroom for virtual lessons.

    NO CODE IS REQUIRED TO ACCESS GOOGLE CLASSROOM. A smart phone can be used to access Google Classroom.

    Students have already been added to the class pages so no code is required. E-mail if you are an exception.


    TO SIGN INTO GOOGLE CLASSROOM (Click here for pictures)

    Step 1: Open Chrome. In the top right hand corner, click ‘Sign In’.

    Step 2: Use your Google Suite school email to log in: s + ID@gse.cusd80.com

    Step 3: Your password has been reset to: s + ID + ! (Example: If your student ID# is 123456, then your new password will be: s123456!

    (We encourage you to change your password at this time. Take a photo or record your new password!)

    Step 4: Choose Classroom.

    Step 5: Click on your class.




    Students will be able to log in by visiting the G Suite hub and using these credentials (or go to classroom.google.com):

    • UsernameSID#@gse.cusd80.com (this is exactly the same as student's regular CUSD address but changing "s." to "gse." in the domain)
    • Password: s + ID# + !

    For example, a student with an ID# of 123456 would have a username of S123456@gse.cusd80.com and a password of s123456! (case sensitive).

    You are encourged to change your password. Take a photo of your password or record it somewhere!


    CONTACT ME: crooker.carol@cusd80.com (Best Way)

    Leave a voice mail on my classroom phone at 480-812-7812