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Position: Hamilton HS Bands 9-12
Room: H 124
Phone: 480-883-5238
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Welcome to the Hamilton High School Husky Pride Bands. One of my fondest memories in high school was not the different varsity sports that I participated in. It was the family I had in the Band Class. Band has always been a welcoming place for all those who enter. It is a place that gives you an opportunity to be a part of school spirit and enjoy high school. Our band is a family that helps each other navigate through all of high school's challenging moments.

My Education and Professional Background

I possess a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism as well as a bachelor's degree in Music Education. I also have a Master's Degree in Education Administration. I have been teaching for 18 years and also have 18 years of being a Principal and Assistant Principal.

My Educational Philosophy

My Educational Philosophy centers around the education of the "Total Child". I believe there are equally important lessons to be learned other than the academic curriculum. People have feelings, emotions and mental capacities. Music provides an opportunity for students to learn about expression of feelings and emotions. They also learn working together as a team towards shared goals and objectives. Neurosciences have recently made breakthroughs that show how our brains work while playing an instrument in real time with FMRI and PET scanners. They have discovered that while playing an instrument, the brain simultaneously processes information on both sides at the same time. Disciplined structured practice builds the brain functions allowing us to use those functions in other activities and academic areas. Band builds the Corpus Colosseum building both sides of the brain.

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