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Subject / Grade Honors English 9 and Honors English 10
Room: B105
Email: Hester
"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."
-- John Muir

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Welcome to Ms. Hester's English class. I am thrilled to have you (or your student) in class this year. Please use this site to help you be successful in my class. You can find upcoming due dates and other important information on the left side of this site. If you would like to receive notifications whenever I update my site, please subscribe to E-alerts. To find additional information about upcoming assignments, quizzes, and tests, please see my calendar.

My Education and Professional Background

Almost my entire educational experience has happened right here in Arizona. I attended K-12 at Gilbert Public Schools before heading off to ASU in 2004. I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Molecular Biosciences and Biotechnology, which led me to graduate school at the University of Hawaii. I spent one year in the cell and molecular biology program before deciding I had not yet found my calling. In the interest of exploring my passions, I became a yoga teacher. During this time, I also contracted as a writer for two companies who created web content for businesses and professionals. In 2013, I decided to build upon my love of writing, and I went back to ASU for a Bachelor's of Arts in English Literature. I graduated ASU in 2015 and began teaching English in Mesa that same year. My first year of teaching was also my first year as a Master's student, and in 2017 I earned my third degree from ASU: An M.Ed. in Secondary Education.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that the skills students learn in English – thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening – are paramount to their success in whatever endeavors they will choose to pursue. Learning is a life-long practice, and I hope to help instill in my students a passion for that practice. While my curricular focus is English, I celebrate all aspects of knowledge and learning, and I encourage my students to make connections between content areas. Students must learn how to use skills and knowledge from one area to help them problem-solve in another area. Further, I know that every student has the capacity to learn and succeed, though these processes may look different from student to student.

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