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Position: Algebra I and Algebra II
Room: F118
Phone: 480-224-2918
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Hello! My name is Mrs. Malayna Bernier. A little bit about me: I graduated from Perry High School before attending GCU (Go lopes!) and I am very excited to be back in Chandler. I played college softball and love to watch baseball, travel, and do just about anything outdoors.

My Education and Professional Background

At Grand Canyon University, I earned my B.S in Secondary education with a minor in mathematics. I am a lifelong learner: currently working on an M.S. in Mental Health and Wellness.

My Educational Philosophy

Educators are the most critical tools in a student's toolbox. Even in a 21st century classroom, where students have access to answers at the click of a bottom, I should be the driving force behind their education. I believe that my role is to facilitate learning through direct and indirect instruction. It is my responsibility to monitor and adjust how each lesson is given according to the students' learning styles, academic achievement, and the medium of the content. I am responsible for creating a welcoming learning environment that invites all students to be comfortable expressing their questions and concerns, whether publicly or privately. I must guide conversations so that students learn to communicate and critically think. I will provide as many resources and opportunities for learning that I able to. My role as an educator extends far past algebra; I am shaping young minds to be good humans and do good things.

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