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Position: Medical Professionals I & II Grades 11 & 12
Room: F303  Google Classroom
Phone: (480) 224-3072
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Hello my name is Christine L Thornton RN, BSN, CPN. I have a total of 42 years in Nursing. This has not been just a career, but a calling. I have truly enjoyed my career but I feel it's time to give back to our young people, the knowledge and the love of the world of medicine. I look forward to hear from our students, their plans and goals in the medical field. I hope I can excite and inspire them to attain these goals

My Education and Professional Background

1975-1976 Licensed Practical Nurse Degree from New Hampshire Vocational Technical College 1999-2001 Registered Nurse associate Degree from Spokane Community College 2006-2010 Registered Nurse Bachelor of Science In Nursing Grand Canyon University

My Educational Philosophy

Life is a series of learning and growing. You are only blessed with 1 life, so keep your eyes, ears and mind open to every new opportunity that comes your way to learn and grow.

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