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Position: English 11
Room: J102
Phone: (480) 424-8302
Email: Crandell

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Hi there, and welcome! I am thrilled to be a part of the CCHS family, and I hope you are just as excited to be taking this journey with me! The majority of our activities and assignments will be turned in or found on Google Classroom, so if you are absent, please refer to the class calendar and any attachments found there!

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated from Arizona State University (forks up!) with a B.A. in English Literature, along with my certificate in Secondary Education. As a product of Chandler Unified, I am exhilarated to be back in the best district in the state!

My Educational Philosophy

Learning is different for everybody. Literature is incredible because it speaks to every reader in a different way. In my class, students will never be penalized for learning and processing things differently. They will be rewarded for thinking critically and putting in the necessary effort in order to gain the magnificent knowledge and power that comes from reading and writing.

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