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Subject / Grade 0 hour – Honors World History/1st Hour-AP United States Government and Politics/2nd Hour- IB MYP United States Government and Politics/3rd Hour- AP United States Government and Politics/4th Hour – IB MYP United States Government and Politics/7th Hour- Honors Academic Decathlon (class meets on Tuesdays start time is 2:30)
Room: 219
Phone: 480-812-7794
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"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..'"
-- Winston Churchill

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Welcome to Chandler High! I am excited about this school year, as there are many projects and lessons planned. Instruction will include lecture, teams, projects, debates, silent reading, and other appropriate methods

My Education and Professional Background

I received my BA from Brigham Young University Hawaii Campus in Political Science/ Government. I received my MA in Secondary Education from ASU, I am a life long learner and continue to take classes. In the last few years I have earned over 30 graduate hours in Economics. I have 28 years of experience teaching World History, Honors World History, American History, AP American History, Theory of Knowledge, US Government and AP Comparative Government/Politics.

My Educational Philosophy

My philosophy is to implement various teaching techniques and strategies (lecture notes, hands-on activities, primary source documents, videos, etc.) so that ALL learners are engaged in the lesson and excited about learning!

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