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Position: Investigative Science / 8th
Room: A101
Phone: (480) 883-5431
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Welcome to Investigative Science at ACP-Oakland

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated with my Bachelors in Arts in Biochemistry while enrolled at ASU. I then proceeded to earn my Masters in Secondary Education two years later at ASU. During my time at school, I was involved in business management for almost 5 years. Of these five years, I was a general manager for 3 which provided ample opportunity for me to help young adults develop strong work ethics, communication skills, and how to be an effective team member. I am certified to teach grades 7-12 and am highly qualified to teach Chemistry and General Science. I have taught Honors Chemistry at the high school level for a short period of time.

My Educational Philosophy

It is my goal to provide every student with the opportunity to develop/ alter their way of thinking in a safe classroom environment. They will be able to learn from both their greatest failures and their greatest successes.

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Last Modified on September 25, 2020