• Library Rules & Circulation Policy

    Mission Statement

     Our goal at the Santan Junior High library is to provide students, parents, and staff the fullest access to all library materials. The following circulation policies are designed to provide accessibility of the collection to all, while still meeting the needs of individual patrons.


    Rules of the Library

    • There is no food allowed in the library.
    • Water is the only drink allowed in the library.
    • Cell phones are not to be used from 9:10-4:00.
    • If the closed sign is on the door, the library is closed for students.
    • Please use inside voices.
    • No running, playing tag, or hide and seek allowed.


    General Guidelines

    In accordance with the ALA Librarians' Code of Ethics, the Santan Jr. High Media Center will "protect each user's right to privacy with respect to information sought or received and materials consulted, borrowed, or acquired," meaning circulation information will not be shared.


    General Collection

     The lending period for materials checked out to students is three weeks.  Students can bring the book in to the library to renew.  If nobody has the book on hold, the student may renew the book for one more week.  After this time (4 weeks) the book will be reshelved for at least one week before it can be checked out by the same person again.

    We service almost 2200 staff and students at Santan. Out of fairness to all students, we must strictly adhere to this policy.

     *We do have a special collection of books that are available for check out for 9 weeks.  These are great for class book projects.

     Parents and staff are asked to return materials in a timely manner.

     There are no fines levied for overdue books.  Students, however, will receive a late notice through their Language Arts teacher and home email, and are expected to return or renew the material as soon as possible.  If the book is more than 2 weeks overdue, a fine will be assessed through InTouch.  The student can either pay for the book or return it to have the fine waived.

     Students may not check out any book  or other items from the media center (including Lit books required by a Language Arts teacher) if they have an outstanding overdue book.

     Items may be renewed  one time, for 7 days, if there are no pending holds.

     Students may check out 3 books, if one is a required lit book for Language Arts, or research material is needed to meet academic requirements.

     Audio Books

     Playaways are available for checkout to students who have returned a Playaway permission slip. Playaway audio books are valued at a minimum of $50 and are the responsibility of the patron upon check out. Students must provide their own headphones.

    Click here for Playaway permission slip


    Lost/Stolen or Damaged Books

     Patrons are responsible for the books they check out.

    A book will be declared lost after it is missing for 30 days.

    The cost of a damaged item will be assessed at the time the item is turned in.

    Books may be paid for in cash, check, or electronically on InTouch.

    If a book has been lost, paid for, and then found and returned in good condition before a replacement copy has been purchased, a refund will be issued for the full amount.

    Students with outstanding fees for lost or damaged books will not be able to check out new materials until the fees are paid.


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Last Modified on April 20, 2020