English Language Learner Program Goals

  •  "The overall goal is for ELL students to become fluent English proficient in a period
    'not normally intended to exceed one year'. "
                                                                                                                               (A.R.S. 15-756.01-C)

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    Goal 1 - Listening & Speaking

    The learner will comprehend messages and communicate orally in English.

    Goal 2 - Reading

    The learner will read and comprehend written English.

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    Goal 3 - Writing

    The learner will communicate using English in a written form.

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    Goal 4 - Vocabulary

    The learner will acquire English language vocabulary and use it in relevant contexts.

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    Goal 5 - Grammar

    The learner will employ correct word usage orally and in writing based on the Discrete Skills Inventory required by the Arizona Department of Education.


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    Meta Número Uno - Escuchar y Hablar

    El/la estudiante comprenderá mesajes y se comunicara oralmente en Inglés.

    Meta Número Dos - Lectura

    El/la estudiante leerá y entenderá el Inglés por escrito.

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    Meta Número Tres - Escritura

    El/la estudiante se comunicará en Inglés en forma escrita.

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    Meta Número Cuatro - Vocabulario

    El/la estudiante adquirirá y utilizara su vocabulario en contextos apropriados.

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    Meta Número Cinco - Gramática

    El/la estudiante utilizara palabras, oral y por escrito, basado en la guía Discrete Skils Inventory del Departmento de Educación de Arizona.

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