•  Identification of Gifted Students:

    Great effort is made to provide the most appropriate placement for each child attending the Chandler Schools. State approved tests are used to determine gifted qualification. Students who score at the 97th percentile or above on one area of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) or in the 95th percentile as a composite score are eligible for gifted services.


    About the Test:

    The Cognitive Abilities Test is approved by the State of Arizona Department of Education for identification of gifted students. It is an abilities test measuring a child's ability to reason in three different areas. Reasoning abilities have substantial correlations with learning and problem solving, both in and out of school. Each level of CogAT offers three test batteries. Having multiple measures in each domain greatly increases the dependability of the score profile that is reported for each student. Each battery is represented by two or three different reasoning tasks, which are:

    • Verbal: Verbal Classification - Sentence Completion - Verbal Analogies

    • Quantitative: Quantitative Relations – Number Series – Equation Building

    • Nonverbal: Figure Classification – Figure Analogies – Figure Analysis

    Scores are reported as a percentile rank based on national norms. A percentile rank indicates the percentage of students in the same grade group whose scores fall below the score obtained by a particular student. For example, if a 5th grade student obtains a grade percentile rank of 90 on the Quantitative Battery, it means that 90% of the 5th grade students in the standardization sample received scores lower than the score obtained by this particular student. A percentile rank of 40 to 60 is considered average for a grade group.

    Visit Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for more information about the assessment.


    Testing Registration:

    Chandler Unified School District gifted student identification process ensures fairness and equity.

    Testing occurs at the school site once a year. As a screening process, all second graders, unless they decline testing, are tested. This blanket screening of all second graders ensures that equity and consideration of all students is given.

    • January 14th - 25th, 2019 – All 2nd grade students currently enrolled in a CUSD school (carried out at school site, no registration necessary)


    • To request in-school testing for your child (3rd grade - 6th grade only). Complete the Site Testing Application and return it to the school by January 11th.

    CUSD also offers CogAT testing the second Saturday of every month from August - May (except October):

    • August – May - All students Pre-K (age 4 years and 6 months) to 7th grade, including students who do not currently attend a CUSD school, may apply online for testing. 


    • To register for Saturday testing visit our Community Education Enrichment Programs website.

      Steps to Register for CogAT testing through Community Education

    Registration opens up one month prior to the test date and closes 8 days before the testing session, or once the testing session is at capacity.

    Everyone who registers will be put on a wait list prior to confirmation.  Once the registration is processed you will receive either a confirmation email or an email asking for an $105 payment. 

    There is an $105 fee for students who are not enrolled in CUSD.   

    If you are planning to enroll your student in a Chandler Unified School District school for Kindergarten we ask that you enroll him/her at your home school in January to receive an ID number.  There will not be a fee assessed for testing if a student is currently enrolled in CUSD.



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