• New Student Mentor Connection

    Welcome to ACP-Erie! We are excited that you have decided to be part of the ACP-Erie community. To help make your transition comfortable, smooth, and fun, we'd like to get to know you better and start creating friendships with current Knights.

    Help us match YOU, our new ACP-Erie Knight, to the a Senior Knight with whom you would feel most comfortable. Please complete the new student survey appropriate to represent the grade you will be entering ACP in the 20-21 school year. Thank you.

    New Freshman Survey: click here                                  New Sophomore, Junior, or Senior: click here


    ACP Knights Connection Program Mission

    The mission of Arizona College Prep is to prepare students in a small learning environment to be successful and to be disciplined in their academic, personal and professional lives. THEREFORE...

    The mission of the ACP Mentor Program is to establish shared values on which the ACP community is founded so that the student can be successful and disciplined in their personal and professional lives. The primary value upon which the ACP Knight community should operate is one of TRUST: Trust in each other, trust in teachers, trust in the process that things will work out.

    By having Seniors serve as mentors to freshmen in this program, they can help new students build that trust and be able to:

    • Overcome challenges of stress and changes in a more peaceful manner
    • Explore personal and social values
    • Improve group interactive skills
    • Improve organizational skills
    • Understand school expectations
    • Improve critical thinking skills through creative expression, problem-solving, and decision-making
    • Establish short and long term goals and intentions, and take action toward them.
    • Commit to graduate in good standing
    • Maintain and progress the positive ACP culture and community
    • Strive to be an extraordinary and positive citizen in society