• Hamilton High School Dance 
    2018 National Dance Team Finalist in Hip Hop and Jazz
    Hamilton Dance Company

     Hip Hop Finals 2018 Jazz Finals 2018
    Devan Campbell, Makayla Casillas (Vice President), Claire Glessner, Taylor Knab, Cooper Maas, Lindsay Mosher (President),
    Keili Oxley, Alexandria Pomroy, Courtney Sandnas, Jaelah Stanley, Grace Woodford, and Lizzy Zaritsky
    Welcome Back Assembly
    Hamilton Dance Company 2018-2019
    Courtney Sandnas, Taylor Knab (VP), Makayla Casillas (President), Grace Woodford, Jordynn Stephens, Jaelah Stanley, HAMMY, Alex Pomroy, Katrina Idzik, Breckell Smith, Macy Paquin, Sophie Woodward, Cooper Maas (not picutred, Claire Glessner)
    Danny Milbauer (Mr. D.)
    Phone: 480-883-5236
    Room: Dance Studio-H119
    Hamilton High School offers different levels of dance ranging from the serious to recreational user. Classes consist of a variety of styles and we emphasize quality of performance, and the artistic expression of each student. Students are encouraged to not only better their technique, but are also encouraged to find their voice through dance. Classes are open to boys and girls. Some classes require an audition to be placed, please contact Mr. D. for further information.