You must show proof of a valid driver’s license and current insurance information.

    Complete an application  -

    Fees and Refunds


    • The parking permit is $80.00 for the year and is pro-rated per quarter.  If a parking hanger is lost, the cost to replace it is $10.00.
    • Parking permits must be purchased at the bookstore.
    • Please list all the vehicles that you may be driving on the application.  If you should get a new vehicle or drive a different vehicle temporarily, please go to E100 to let them know so they can notify security.
    • Any unauthorized/non-registered vehicles will be booted.  In order to have the boot removed you must talk to an administrator.
    • Refunds will be pro-rated for students who withdraw during the school year.  To get your refund you must turn in your hanger.
    • Students who have their parking privileges revoked will NOT receive a refund.


    Parking Permit Rules

    Loss of parking privileges may result from, but are not limited to the following:

    • Reckless Driving/Speeding
    • Leaving campus without office approval
    • Transporting alcohol, illegal substances or any form of weapon on campus
    • Transporting students off campus that should be in class or on campus
    • Defiance of any staff member while on campus
    • Not displaying parking hanger at all times on the cars that are registered to that spot




    There is security patrolling the parking lot all day.  However, you will park at your own risk.  Failure to follow any of the above rules, but not limited to will result in booting of the vehicle at security discretion.  Hamilton High School is NOT responsible for any vehicular damage, theft, loss of personal property or damages that may result from students or booting of the vehicle.


    All questions pertaining to parking should be directed to the E100 office at 480-883-5039.