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    The Chandler Unified School District uses MyLunchMoney.com to handle student lunch purchases. This online system makes it easy to monitor how much money is left in your child's lunch account and fund it using a credit card. You can even set up your account so it automatically funds your child's account when the balance gets below a certain threshold. All transactions are secure and safe.

    To utilize this system, please follow these instructions:


    NOTE: If you already have a MyLunchMoney.com account from previous years in the Chandler Unified School District, you can skip to the section below entitled "ADD LUNCH MONEY" and follow those instructions.

    1. Go to MyLunchMoney.com and click on the option to Register for an Account.
    2. Enter 85249 for the zip code, then select Chandler USD for the district and Santan Junior High for the school.
    3. Scroll down to the school search results and click the Select button.
    4. Enter the information you'd like to use for your account (e-mail address, password, etc.). Enter the security questions and answers, then check the "Terms & Conditions" checkbox before clicking Submit.
    5. Enter information about your child(ren). Be sure to include the correct student ID number, which can be found on their class schedule.


    1. Go to MyLunchMoney.com and log in using the username (e-mail address) and password for your account.
    2. Click the Fund Student Now button.
    3. Select Smart Pay to automatically add money to your child's account when the balance gets low, or Pay As You Go to add money to your child's account manually (you can also choose to receive e-mail notifications when your child's balance dips below a set amount).
    4. Select an amount to add to each child's account, or enter a custom amount. You must also select a credit card to use for the transaction (if you do not have any credit cards listed, go to the Payment Info page). If you chose the Smart Pay option, be sure to enter the Low Balance amount that will trigger an automatic payment to your child's account.
    5. Click Continue or Submit when you're finished.
    6. Confirm the transaction.


    • Please be aware that transactions can take up to 24 hours to process, so try to fund your students a day ahead of time to avoid a lack of funds at lunch time.
    • Funds in your child's account will roll over to the next school year if your child stays in the Chandler Unified School District (even if they change schools). If your child is graduating or leaving the district, or if you feel there has been an error with your account, please contact our Nutrition and Food Services department regarding your child's account.