Prerequisite to enroll in Spanish 2:  Spanish 1 or equivalent study. This course is a continuation of Spanish 2.  In Spanish 2, students will receive more practice in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.  New vocabulary and grammar are presented.  The students will improve writing skills through simple compositions.  They will continue to explore culture of the Hispanic world.  This class is not designed for native Spanish Speakers.

    Spanish 1 & 2 course objective:

    • To understand spoken Spanish
    • To express oneself in simple Spanish using appropriate pronunciation and intonation.
    • To acquire vocabulary and the grasp of structure that enables students to read materials appropriate to Spanish level
    • To express simple ideas in writing
    • To understand and appreciate cultural differences

    Course text:  Auténtico Pearson Realize Level 2 LINK to the online textbook

    Online access to our class site: LINK to our class website

    Infinite Campus AccessLINK to Infinite Campus

    Keys to Success and Student Expectations:  If your student would like to succeed in my class, here are a few general guidelines to help them.

    • Please come prepared!  Complete homework on time
    • Follow directions and practice active listening in class
    • Ask questions and participate.  Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.  It’s part of the learning process
    • Integrity in your work.  Cheating is never the answer.
    • Respect for your teacher, your fellow student, yourself and school property
    • Try and use Spanish as much as you can outside the classroom.  Practice is the key to becoming fluent
    • Your attitude is everything in learning a foreign language.  Learn it and love it.
    Class Rules and Expectations:

    No food or drink.  Water only

    No cell phones, unless I allow it.  ASK FIRST

    2 bathroom passes per term

    • No hats in my classroom.  Please remove it before coming into  my classroom
    • Please don’t throw things in my class
    • Please keep your language G rated.  NO PROFANITY in class
    • Do not cheat.  This is my BIGGGEST pet peeve
    • Do not use an online translator such as Google Translate.  If you’re going to look up a word online, use a single word dictionary.  I prefer you use wordreference.com

    Behavior Consequences:

    1st offense – warning

                2nd offense – teacher 30 minute detention and parent contact.

                3rd offense – teacher 60 minute detention and second parent contact

                4th offense – Referral and administrative consequences.

    Profanity Statement:  NO profanity will be tolerated in class or anywhere on campus

    Grading:  Grading is done on a point system.  Homework, quizzes, tests, projects and class activities are subject to grading.

                A          90-100

                B          80-89

                C          70-79

                D          60-69

                F          59 and below

    Homework policy:

    • Please come prepared.  No late homework is accepted.
    • Make up work is only available to students with an excused absence.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to find out the work missed during their absence.
    • All class work is listed on our classroom calendar LINK to our classroom calendar
    • Students have one school day to make work missed during an excused absence.
    • Tests must be made up after school or during conference period within the school’s official excused absence make up policy stated below.

    Office Hours:  I don’t not keep certain office hours but I am always willing to schedule time for after school tutoring or during conference period.  Please feel free to approach me about questions, concerns or requests.

    Dress Code:  Be familiar with the dress code in the STUDENT HANDBOOK as it will be enforced

    Tardy Policy:

                1st tardy – warning

                2nd tardy – teacher 30 minute detention and parent contact.

                3rd tardy – teacher 60 minute detention and second parent contact

                4th tardy – Referral and administrative consequences.


    Attendance Policy:  A student is allowed nine (9) excused or unexcused absences per semester, as per state law.  Missing more than the maximum days allowed can result in loss of credit, no matter what the grade the student has at the time.

    Make up work rule is as follows; for an excused absence, the student has the same amount of days to make up the work as the time they were absent.  If the student is absent one day, they have one day to make up the work. If they were absent five days, they have five days to make up all their work.  This rule only applies to excused absences.  Unexcused absences result in automatic zeros.

    Conference Period:  Conference period is considered a study hall and the students should be prepared to do homework, read, or be otherwise productive.  The only way a student can be released from the classroom is if he / she has a pre-written formal pass from another teacher or a color coded club pass. Post-it notes will not be accepted. 


    1 composition notebook

    Notebook or binder.  We use a lot of paper in class

    Pencils, Pens (blue or black for note-taking and red or green for self-correcting)


    Spanish-English dictionary is highly recommended.  We have a few in class

    Diversity statement: All individuals have a right to an educational environment free from bias, prejudice and bigotry. As members of the Basha High School educational community, students are expected to refrain from participating in acts of harassment that are designed to demean another student’s race, gender, ethnicity, religious preference, disability or sexual orientation.

    Parent/Student/Teacher Communication: Communication is key to our success this year. The very best way to get in touch with me is via the school email, Feel free to contact me at any time!



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