Chandler Unified Graduation Requirements Class of 2020:
    English  4
    Math   4
    Science   3
    Social Science  3
    PE/Dance  1
    Health .5
    Fine Art or CTE 1
    Electives 5.5 
     Total:  22.0
    Michelle Swope, M.Ed
    Developing Your Education and
    Career Action Plan (ECAP) 
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    To return to their home school a student must meet the following requirements:
    Current Freshmen need:
    3 credits by December
    5 credits by May
    Current Sophomores need:
    8 credits by December
    11 credits by May
    Current Juniors need:
    14 credits by December
    17 credits by May
    Current Seniors need:
    19 credits by December
    22 credits to GRADUATE IN MAY
    **Students must be caught up in core classes
    (Math, English, Science and History).
    Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis.**

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