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Position: Media Specialist
Room: B21
Phone: 480-224-3621
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I am thrilled to introduce myself as Media Specialist at Patterson. As a classroom teacher for 15 years, my passion has always been to create a love for literacy with my students. Now I have the opportunity to inspire all of the students who enter Patterson’s doors! My goal is to create a welcoming environment where everyone belongs. In addition to appreciating literature, students will practice life skills of collaborating, problem solving, and communicating productively with others.

My Education and Professional Background

Bachelor of Science in Education from Grand Canyon University and a Masters in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University Reading Endorsement from Northern Arizona University

My Educational Philosophy

I believe that a successful teacher builds relationships with students. Once that relationship is formed the learning potentional grows! Students buy in to what we are teaching. They desire to please us, and in turn we celebrate their successes and growth. The greatest result of this relationship cycle is that our students develop confidence in themselves. Once a child believes he can accomplish something, he can literally accomplish anything! And it all starts with that relationship.

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Last Modified on October 23, 2020