Hartford Tutoring Club

  • Current Information for the 2019 -2020 School Year  


    ACP Oakland – Hartford Elementary Tutoring


     Intent Form and Parent Permission slip must be on file to participate
    Hartford Tutoring begins in October and Ends in March
    (Quarter 2 and Quarter 3)
    wines.theresa@cusd80.com - for more information
    A club intent form must be returned to Ms. Wines in Room 2.  They are distributed at the ACPO Club Fair or click on the blue link.  Club Admission Form    Flyer (Front of Club Permission)
    Parent Permission Slip may be picked up in Room 2 from Ms. Wines or click on blue link to obtain a copy and return by (to be announced).  Travel Permission
    Hartford Tutoring Club accepts 25 members at the beginning of the year.  If you turned in information and your name is not on the list below, you are currently on a wait list.  During the year students are not able to make meetings because of sports or other reasons.  When this does occur, I will notify students who are on the wait-list for an opportunity to tutor students at Hartford.  Thank you all for your enthusiastic support of Hartford Tutoring!
    Objective: We want to encourage the students at ACP Oakland to take and make opportunities to serve others in the community. The Hartford Elementary Tutoring project will provide opportunities for student body members to participate in such activities.

    Qualifications: A heart for others and a desire to help.

    Benefits: Chiefly personal and also community service hours – investing in others is a fantastic life changing activity.

    When: Tuesdays after school

    Start Date October TBA (After Fall Break)   End date:  March (Prior to Spring Break)

    Roster of Members:  If your name is not on the roster, you have been placed on a wait-list.  Placement does become possible as students/members become involved in a sport or have other conflicts with the Tuesday tutoring schedule.  You will be contacted if a place becomes available during the year.
    The roster will be posted after the intent form and travel permission slips are turned in by students.

    Hartford Tutoring Dates (Will be posted when confirmed by Hartford Elementary)


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