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Position: Agriculture 9-12
Room: D111
Phone: (480)883-5120
Email: Gutierrez

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Welcome to the Ag! The 2015-2016 year is upon us. I hope that you are looking forward to learning about Agriculture in many different ways. All of my classes will be hands on and may require you to be in the greenhouse, garden or possibly get dirty. I expect my students to put in full effort in activities, assignments and even note taking in class. You are the only one that can earn your grade and I will help you to do your very best to help you make it a good grade. Let's have a great year.

My Education and Professional Background

Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Technology Management and Education from The University of Arizona Master of Science in Agricultural Education from The University of Arizona

My Educational Philosophy

All students can learn. Every student learns differently and it is my job to help each student in my class succeed.

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